国际簿记师公会IAB(International association of bookkeepers),成立于1973年,总部位于英国伦敦。是英国法律认可的职业会计师团体,协会在早期专注于为簿记师提供专业认证和资格考试。IAB的历史可追溯至1916年,更为关键的是,IAB注册于英国Oqual,即:英国国家资格认证与考试监督管理办公室Office of the Qualifications and Examinations RegulatorOqual负责对英国国家级资质认证机构提供权威背书(在此机构注册的还有ACCA等英国著名会计师组织),这意味着获取IAB授予的执业资格证书将会被英国政府所承认。同时国际簿记师公会IAB也是英国领导人理事会(The leaders Council of Great Britain Northern Ierland)的会员单位,作为英国领导人理事会的成员,IAB可以向领导人理事会提供在财务和会计方面的贡献和意见,以帮助在上议院的辩论,作为英国政府决策咨询的一部分。IAB现任主席为英国工党领袖之一,影子内阁,国会议员。成立至今,IAB为中小企业的启动发展提供财务和业务技能,也不间断的为成千上万世界各地的会员和会计学院开发和提供不同阶段和科目的会计和簿记课程。在世界各地的许多高校提供IAB资格课程。除此之外,IAB还被英国国家税务与海关总署(HMRC)所认可,并成为《英联邦2007年国家反洗钱法案》特约监管人,IAB长期服务、监督活跃于世界反洗钱反金融犯罪领域,分别在全球多个国家开展高级学术活动并设立学习中心,为英国以及全球金融、财务市场培养了大量金融与会计专业人才,其课程可衔接英国及欧洲大学硕士与MBA课程。IAAP\IAB每年6月的第一个周末定期在英国国会大厅举办会员活动及授予资格证书的仪式。


The IAB … for bookkeepers, run by successful bookkeepers

The International Association of Bookkeepers is a membership organisation and awarding body providing qualifications in bookkeeping, payroll and finance to members worldwide.

Our aim is simple – raising the bar of bookkeeping both in the UK and abroad – by creating a global community of aspirational, entrepreneurial, highly-qualified and successful bookkeepers and finance professionals.

We offer accredited training, support and continuing development from the beginning of a student’s journey and throughout their career. This includes flexible, Ofqual-regulated qualifications, continued professional development and frequent regulatory updates

As an IAB member, you’ll have access to weekly support via our Ambassador Groups including twice-monthly live Q&As with the main directors, both successful bookkeepers in their own right, giving you the help you need every step of the way. 

With qualifications regulated by Ofqual, the IAB is a statutory supervisory body under the Money Laundering Regulations. Setting world-class standards, it offers students worldwide the chance to gain the very best financial qualifications – as well as lifelong skills. The IAB is also a professional body for bookkeepers.

Decades of best practice

Founded in 1973, the IAB is both an awarding and professional body. Today, celebrating over 40 years of success, it not only offers a host of regulated bookkeeping and business qualifications, it supports and regulates professionals on their career path.

With membership attracting students, business owners and accounting professionals alike, the IAB’s sights are on the future – helping members maintain their skills and respected status.

Setting standards
At the forefront of benchmarking, the IAB works with government as well as standard setting bodies to promote the professional integrity of bookkeepers.
Under the UK Money Laundering Regulations, the IAB is a statutory supervisor – ensuring members in practice comply with the law. Alongside this, it also plays a key role in developing national qualifications too.

IAB Membership portal – As a member, you’ll have access to our members’ portal where you can access extensive support.

Promoting new opportunities

Young people and start-up businesses need a helping hand – the chance to gain skills and move ahead. The IAB supports many initiatives to make this happen.

Small businesses can easily find a bookkeeper through the service provided on the site with listings of qualified bookkeepers across the UK.

To keep pace with the latest IAB initiatives, read our News  page.